Sound Masking




  • TSD-GPN1200 Sound Masking Generator
  • Balanced Line Output Plus 4W, 70.7V Output
  • Global Input Voltage
  • 1RU Height
  • Supports up to 4 TSD Series Modules
  • Adjustable Gain and Hi-Cut Filter
  • TSD-PS24V250MA 24VDC Power Supply
  • EQ & Gain Bypass for Line Output
  • Black Brushed Aluminum Finish
  • Selectable Pink or White Noise Source
  • Security Covers Included for All Rear Panel Controls


The AtlasIED TSD-GPN1200 sound masking generator is perfectly suited for basic sound masking systems. The analog topology design eliminates repeating cycles commonly found in other manufactures low cost digital designs.

The TSD-GPN1200 allows selection between pink or white noise sources and incorporates a variable balanced outputto match input requirements of AtlasIED equalizers and amplifiers. In addition to the line level output, a 4W, 70V output is provided to power up to six masking speakers tapped at .5W each.

A variable hi-cut filter with operating range between 1kHz and 8kHz at a slope of 6dB per octave supports equalization requirements for most basic Sound Masking systems. Both outputs may be used simultaneously allowing large zones tobe addressed with external equalization and amplification while a smaller zone is powered by the internal 70.7V amplifierwith spectrum control provided by the on board hi-cut filter.

Unit requires Power Supply that is sold separately for proper function, multiple TSDs can be powered with one power supply based on current requirements. This unit has a power requirement of 250mA so any of the available TDS power supplies can be used with the unit.




  • 734 cubic inch enclosure for extended low frequency response
  • Black epoxy finish blends with open ceiling plans
  • Design enables upward, downward and side firing sound dispersion
  • Innovative input panel includes combination knock-out and strain
    relief connector to accommodate flexible or rigid conduit
  • Labor-saving hardware package – complete with new snap hanger assembly,
    allows quick and easy installation
  • Plenum Rated
  • Pre-assembled unit includes 8″ dia. loudspeaker, transformer,
    enclosure, baffle and mounting hardware
  • Suitable for use above suspended ceiling systems


The M1000-W sound masking speaker assembly is designed to accurately reproduce the required spectrum of masking signal into the plenum space. The innovative 734 cubic inch square enclosure ensures ample low frequency response. A specially designed 8″ dual cone speaker is included in the package. A high efficiency 70.7V internal transformer is coupled to an external tap selector switch for easy system tuning.

The exclusive AtlasIED EZ hang brackets simplify installation. This innovative suspension system utilizes (2) collapsible plated hangers configured to allow quick upward, downward, or side firing installation. The hangers are factory-installed on the unit and fold flat for shipping. To meet most any local code requirement, the M1000-W includes an innovative cover containing both knockouts and a strain relief. This system will allow the use of rigid or flexible conduit (if required) and easily accommodates “through” connections on the removable plate. UL 2043 listed for use in air handling spaces.

An integral wire strain relief strategically located on the top of the enclosure allows for secure speaker cable termination.

Note, this product requires a masking generator and 70.7V amplifier to operate.

CID Grid Mount

Composite Back box Assembly, 4W-70V rotary select transformer


  • The MA/E9/S2/T8 is a 617 CID, ceiling grid mount, sound masking loudspeaker assembly consisting of an 8C10PAX – 8″ O.D.
  • Dual cone loudspeaker with a 10 oz. magnet and a TBL70 – 4W-70V rotary select transformer.
  • Support chain is supplied.


The Quam MA/E9/S2/T8 is a complete sound masking loudspeaker assembly, with 8 frame loudspeaker, 70.7V transformer, dust-proof perforated steel baffle and 890 CID / (14.3l ) composite back box.
Finish: Rust-resistant CRS INTENDED USE
Placed upward-facing on 24 wide ceiling tile on conventional suspended ceiling grid; indoor environment.
Program Material:
Primary use: Equalized random noise
Secondary use: Signal tones or equalized voice

Speaker Size 8 frame
Average Sensitivity 95dB SPL, 1W/ 1M
Loudspeaker Power 20W RMS, EIA 426A Standard Rating
Calculated Maximum 101dB SPL, 4W/ 1M System Output
Magnet Type, BeFe Ceramic, 10 oz. Nominal Weight
Frequency Response 65Hz – 17 kHz EIA 462A Standard
Nominal 100° Included Angle,
Coverage Angle -6 dB / 2 kHz, Half space
Mechanical Connection Seismic tie-offs provided on top of unit if required by AHJ
Signal Cable Entry 1/2 conduit clamp through single gang cover plate
Audio Connection 7 long, tinned wires, pre-cut