FailOver Service

Built for Multi-Site Business

Designed to maintain today’s demanding business Internet needs, Fusion allows you to utilize your existing firewall with the RocketFailover solution. It’s a low-cost option for businesses who already have dual-WAN capable firewalls or businesses who have more complex networking needs. This type of segmentation allows businesses to prioritize key Internet systems during downtime events. To get started, RocketFailover Fusion has a simple one-time upfront setup cost and features a low monthly data fee.

RocketFailover 4G backup Internet solutions have been successfully installed in many different applications such as convenience stores, retail stores, multi-location businesses, restaurants, government, and healthcare.

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All RocketFailover packages offer powerful 4G LTE nationwide coverage.

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Experience & Enjoy

Built for Multi-Site Business

When considering an Internet failover connection, Fusion fits today’s business needs best. By helping IT teams maintain high levels of uptime, Fusion is the key to any successful business continuity plan.

Utilize Your Existing Firewall

Fusion is one of our best network failover solutions because it saves companies time and money. By utilizing your existing firewall, Fusion will make setting up 4G LTE failover Internet both easy and cost-effective.

Built for Multi-Site Business

From maintaining cloud connectivity uptime to an Internet point of sale system, Fusion gives you control. Network segmentation options allow you to keep your most critical infrastructure online.

Key Features

Tailor-Made Solutions

Data Pooling


iStatus® 24/7 Monitoring

4G LTE Connection Speeds



Nationwide Coverage


Secure PCI Compliant

Static IP Address

Enterprise-Grade Hardware


RocketFailover devices are pre-configured by our expert support team to work with each customer’s network. For those customers without an IT staff, our engineers can provide personalized integration services, including on-site support and fully managed networking options. RocketFailover devices are fully managed, meaning we handle firmware updates, monitoring, and configuration changes. RocketFailover delivers on assurances of peace of mind. These devices and services uphold an easy to deploy fail-safe that works consistently to provide seamless service uptime for you.

Our staff of certified professionals maintains the education, training, and progressive thought necessary to remain far ahead of the technological curve. The result is a partnership that allows IT staff to remain in charge, but when issues do arise, you can count on our certified staff to provide support and solutions.

FailOver Service