As your dependable Kantech partner, we can set up and manage both visitor safety and business security.

Kantech Access Solutions is AffordableEasy InstallationWorth the Investment Security System

Every Business Can Afford Kantech Access Control Solutions Communications Unlimited Inc. is an authorized Kantech dealer and access installation providing the complete range of hardware and software for access control. Keep your employees in defined locations to safeguard their safety and protect your organization from intruders and strangers.

We are not like other installation businesses. In addition, Communications Unlimited provides end-of-life support and replacement for outdated Kantech controllers, such as the KT-300, and can restore and preserve the value of your access control security solutions.

Commercial Security at Your Facility

Kantech Entrapass Software

  • Set access schedules

  • Create an audit trail of all door activity

  • Eliminate the need for physical key tracking

  • Remotely manage door activity and access

  • Scalable access control solutions to fit your business security needs as you grow.