Pots Replacement Next Generation

Next Generation POTS Line

Next Generation POTS Line

Guaranteed Compatibility with Legacy Systems

• More reliable than traditional copper POTS lines

• Multi-Wan Connectivity (Cellular, Broadband, WiFi)

• Business connectivity during network outages

• Approved for Life Safety

• Permitted under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 as a Managed Facilities Voice Network (MFVN)

• Meets or exceeds national, state, and local building and fire codes

• NFPA 72 Code Compliant

• PCI Compliant for payment, POS and other financial transactions

• HIPPA Compliant for medical, pharmacy and insurance environments

• Largest inventory of industry leading managed equipment

• Nationwide professional installation team

• Dedicated porting team

• Dedicated Project Management with Enterprise Experience

• Acceptance testing for every location deployment

• 24x7x365 AI powered NOC with monitoring and alerts

• Remote Firmware Updates

• Break/Fix with Emergency Replacement

• Fault Tolerant Geographically Redundant Data Centers

• The Best SLAs in the Industry

• Cost savings of up to 50%

• Online Status and Management Portal

• Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts