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VTech VSP715

The VTech VSP715 is a two-line SIP phone that comes equipped with the essential calling features you need to keep pace with your business. This Power over Ethernet (PoE) phone has programmable softkeys, a large backlit display, dual Ethernet ports and a navigational pad making it a reliable and user-friendly desk phone

VTech VSP715

For busy professionals that need to handle multiple calls at once, the four-line VTech VSP726 is the ideal mid-level SIP phone solution. With Power over Ethernet (PoE), HD voice, 12 dual-function keys, dual Ethernet ports, advanced call handling features, and more, this phone provides the reliability and functionality professionals need in a desk phone. 

VTech VSP736

Designed to work overtime for you, the VTech VSP736 is a reliable and powerful six-line SIP phone. The 16 dual-function keys allow for a customizable experience, while HD voice and advanced call handling features ensure that communication is crystal clear and effective. Power over Ethernet (PoE) and dual Ethernet ports eliminate complicated wiring and provide the flexibility to place the phone in the most convenient location.

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